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There is a 4% Service Charge on all checks.

We have made the decision to include a 4% service charge on all checks. We have an awesome kitchen team and pay them an above average hourly rate that is significantly above minimum wage. Colorado has a law that ties minimum wage to cost of living. We support everyone making a livable wage and thriving. Unfortunately, the way this law works increases both the wage for tipped employees and nontipped employees equally. When we increase our prices to keep with the increased costs for our team, servers receive a double increase. The first is due to the increase in their hour wage and the second is because their tips increase as they are tipped on a percent of the total bill. We are all for them making as much as possible, but unfortunately this law makes it difficult to give the kitchen similar increases at the servers. This change has been happening over the last several years in Colorado and the gap between income for the kitchen and tipped employees increases every year. Additionally, we are not allowed to require our team to pool tips (servers tipping out the kitchen.) Let me be clear we are not stingy when it comes to paying our teams. We just recently started this service charge and none of this money is going to our restaurants. We pay our kitchen the same as we did before this service charge was added. This service charge is additional income for the kitchen team. We do pay our servers tipped minimum wage ($10.62) as is the industry standard. After tips our servers make $30 per hour and often much more. This step helps decrease the gap between the two incomes. Ultimately, the total price (including the 4% service charge) a guest pays is lower than what they would pay if we only increased our menu prices (no 4% service charge) to accomplish the same goal. We feel this is the best solution to keep menu prices fair and provide a good living wage for our entire team. Thanks for reading.

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